Copdrive FAQ

How does it work?

Copdrive helps companies in parcel collections, interventions and logistics which aim to integrate eletric vehicles in there conventional fleet in order to reduce TCO by 35% and CO2 by 25%.

⇒ Once registered, the customer needs to load all his data (like charging points, clients, thermal and electric cars) through our friendly user interface. This set of loaded data would be called Instance. Then, the customer could also customizes the Instance settings.

⇒ At this step instances and settings are defined and customized. Secondly, the customer needs to select the target instance among all loaded instances and launch the EcoPlan process.

At EcoPlan screen, the customer could also customizes the set of optimization algorithm that he wants. He could also have many runs for various settings and select at the end of the process the best solution regarding many criteria like TCO, CO2, service time,...

⇒ At solution roads screen, the customer could check on the map all roads which have been generated for each solution. Drivers also have access to this screen which allow them to pick up the concerned road to start. Once a road has been started, a driver could access to MyRoad screen which provides him all next steps. From this screen driver could call the client and/or amend appointment.

In the meantime, the manager could have a real time feedback of all the roads and drivers through the Ecorise service.

How can I get in on this?

Sign up for Copdrive here.

What happens if I find myself in the middle of nowhere in battery shortage?

It will not happen.
Our system examines the best solution among millions of possible solutions to offer you the safest solution with a 20% reserve of the maximum capacity of your battery valid throughout your road.
However, in case of born related problem, this reserve is sufficient to reach the nearest charging station safely.

What happens if weather conditions change?

It is true that the consumption of energy depends on weather conditions.
Our system takes into account, in real time, these weather conditions and integrates them in its analyzes in order to offer you the best recharging plan that you need to follow during your travel.

Has the system the same behavior in case of a climb or a descent?

Absolutely not!
Our system also takes into consideration the morphology of the road during your travel.
Whether it is a climb or a descent, Copdrive provides you the solution and a specific charging plan (in quantity of kWh to be charged) at designated charging borns compatible with the connector of your vehicle.
However, the availability of these charging points at the arrival time does not involve the responsibility of Copdrive.

What happens if when arriving at my charging station, it is already booked?

It is important to check before starting your trip that the charging stations will be available upon arrival and book them if possible/necessary.
The information required to contact the charging stations will be communicated with the charging plan.
Please feel free to contact the charging station point and to ensure about it's availability.

Should I keep my computer with me to continue to benefit from your services?

Copdrive website is responsive. You can get access 24/24 and 7/7 and from any kind of device (smartphones, tablets, PCs).