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Training center

Copdrive has its own training center that allows the customer's technical teams to learn how to proceed with EcoPlan API and mobile applications.
A preliminary planning and integration steps are necessary for new cutomers. During the deployment, a setup is needed and the driver could be set to receive an SMS reminder before starting his new intervention.
The setup is then confirmed by an engineer from Copdrive who carries out remote tests. The customer can see his fleet, charging points and his clients appear on the web platform.
This procedure is the result of many years of experience and guarantees a zero defect installation for the customer.

Initial training on Copdrive product's

Copdrive has the latest tools and teaching methods for training.
The trainers are internal people at Copdrive, have mastered all the products for many years and participate in project monitoring meetings in order to benefit from feedback from the service and maintenance teams.
The training is assumed by the same team who designs and realizes the supports and carries out the sessions.

Monthly training

Every month, an online seminar is organized to train users who want new features.
This seminar is accessible on your computer or mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

The support (24/7)

Copdrive has a dedicated team for answering questions from users and receiving anomalies reports on the platform.
This support is accessible by phone at the following number: +33 (0) 890 171 501 and by email at contact@copdrive.com.
All Copdrive engineers are specialists in geolocation and embedded computing.
Each request is registered in a ticket. For better support service quality, phone conversations are recorded. Each interlocutor is authenticated to check if he belongs to the company and that he has the authorizations to obtain information.
We share our performance indicators with our customers.

After-sales service

After-sales service is provided by a Copdrive engineers. After-sales service team agree a date of an appointment with the customer and proceed with the case change. Then, a devoted team of enginner travels to the customer's promises and help them to fix the issue.
Training courses are organized by Copdrive. Many practical sheets and documentations are provided to customer. Besides, technical team from Copdrive might assist the customer in this operation.