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Copdrive has adopted the Lean Optimizing process to provide you the best optimization and the lower possible TCO

Why use a fleet management?

When you have a fleet of several tens or hundreds of vehicles, the management becomes complicated, time consuming and very important costs.
Mixed vehicle fleet are even more complicated to follow (commercial vehicles, light vehicles, electric vehicles, trucks, ...)
This becomes even more problematic if the team in place does not allow to have a dedicated fleet manager.
Using fleet management software will allow you to:

  • Reduce your costs (up to 40%)
  • View the dashboard that gives a complete view of the park with real-time data and make the right decisions
  • Spend less time managing administrative savings and financial data
  • Improve your profitability
  • Improve collaboration between your teams

What savings?

Thanks to the analysis of the data synthesized in the Copdrive's dashboard, you will be able to take the right decisions and reduce your costs:
The new dashbord will help you to :

  • order the right type of vehicle compared to the existing fleet saves up to $350 per year, per vehicle
  • choose the right insurance and save about $60 per vehicle
  • choose the right financing method. The needs analysis step help you selecting the right financial provider and makes you earn up to $793 per year and per vehicle
  • monitor the proper allocation of vehicles according to their type and age which make you save up to $242 per year per vehicle
  • choose the right service mode and monitor the age of the fleet
EcoPlan analysis tools of Copdrive, help you to earn up to $280 per year and per vehicle.

Data entry

Copdrive offer you a highly efficient API that makes you import/ upload your geolocated vehicles, charging point data and also client details in a couple of seconds.
If your vehicle is geolocated at Copdrive, you do not have to re-enter the vehicle information

The dashboard

The fleet management dashboard that complements the EcoPlan dashboard and maintenance dashboard.

How much does it cost ?

This application is totally free as part of your subscription to our fleet optimization offers.
All you have to do is upload or import your data and start saving time and money!