At the time geolocation invades our lives, corporate databases have an abundance of geographic information (customers, prospects, competitors, networks, charging borns, smart charging…

Having the best geomarketing tools to analyse this data and developing efficient sales and marketing strategies is a must today!

The web / mobile portal

EcoPlan portal is among the simplest and most user-freindly geolocation portal on the market. It takes about a couple of clicks to get the desired results.
It offers you many possibilities: the real-time localization of your vehicles and the search for the nearest vehicle and the Points Of Interests (POI, such as charging points, customers, véhicules,...),
The web portal helps you get access to six types of reports namely : the publication of proofs of passage, EcoPlan tools, the follow-up of the state of the park (maintenance), the management of alerts (theft, misuse, ...) and the personalization of your data (groups, POIs, icons, ...).
The portal is designed to be as much instinctive as possible even for untrained users. The data is easily and quickly accessible.
No need to keep working on your office : the EcoPlan portal is also accessible from your Android smartphone or iOS (Apple) or also on your tablet with your internet browser.

Real Time Vehicle Monitoring:

Each fleet manager accesses his list of vehicles, the map with the position of vehicles and their operating status (rolling, stopped, waiting). The data is searchable in text mode, mapping, and tracking. It is even possible to communicate with the driver to send him instructions!
Search tools are available to find a vehicle faster (name, plate, address, ...), the vehicle is displayed on the map and remains visible even if it moves (the map moves automatically).
The supervision mode: Copdrive proposes a mode of display specific to the supervision dedicated to the big screens (type video projector or LCD screen). The user can choose to display one to three views on the screen by specifying the geographical area and the zoom level.

Analyze : Trip reports and histories

A wide choice of reports is available, users can follow the routes (detail, driving time, CO2, BatteryLevel,...), speed curves, the state of the park.
In the same way as in the location interface, the vehicles can be selected from the list of vehicles classified by group or by the search tool. Reports can also be displayed by selecting a vehicle on the map.
All reports can be printed or downloaded.

Savings : EcoPlan

Reduce your claims and costs thanks to EcoPlan, the eco-responsible solution of Copdrive. It is a software and a set of API that can evaluate the driving behavior.
It is based on the detailed vehicle data and analyzes the external environment (type of road, weather, excessive acceleration, lack of anticipation ...) to determine if the driving is adapted to the road context.
Combined with other indicators, a global score scored out of 100 is then given: the closer the score is to 100, the more the conduct is responsible.

Monitor: Alerts

Thanks to the "alerts" module, you can find a vehicle in case of theft or monitor misuse.
You can create as many alerts as you want, simply and with a large choice of parameters (movement type alerts, maintenance, wake up driver with time zone criteria, zone entries or exits, waiting time greater than x minutes , excessive preheating time, ...).
Alerts are posted on the portal and can be sent by email and SMS. Indicators are also available as reports.

Customize: Portal customization

Each customer has his organization and each user his habits and his needs, that's why Copdrive allows a customization of its portal in terms of data and display modes.
For example, you can customize the representation of vehicles and their information, users, POIs, ... up to the account assignment code per vehicle!

Embedded hardware

Copdrive offers a high quality locator and a real time monitoring without need of any embadded telematic device and provide their cutomers same service while savings arround $80 per vehicule and per day for each embadded telematic device.
Copdrive provides the real time monitoring service without embadded telematic device which help the customer saving $80 per vehicle per day.

The driver application

Copdrive offers several solutions to manage the private mode (SMS, time slots, button installed on the dashboard, ...)
To assist the driver and manage the private mode with ease, opt for the driver application!
You will also benefit from a service stations and POI module around your position, consult your EcoPlan notes with EcoPlan, but also access the position of your vehicle or receive requests for interventions sent from the portal.

Enjoy Copdrive mobile application

To help the driver and get him on the road, opt for the driver app!
The application offers you access to a charging point station module detailing the nearest stations and their prices and schedules, or the possibility for the driver to consult his EcoPlan rating with EcoPlan.
The manager application view allows the manager or company manager to follow the data in real time, even when traveling.
Keep an eye on the state of your fleet at all times.