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Smart Routing and EV Priorisation
Smart Routing & EV Priorisation
Smart charging plan
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Smart charging plan
Smart charging plan
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A very intuitive and familiar interface for data (Cars, Borns, Clients,...) loading.

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Smart Routing and EV Priorisation

EcoPlan is the first route planning platform integrating the constraints of electric and conventional vehicules.
The EcoPlan software manages the entire chain optimization regarding road construction while considering all vehicle features and stakeholders in order to provide you a smart EV routing plan.
Whether the road morphology (climb / descent), EcoPlan provides you a roadmap with a specific charging plan (in quantity of kWh to be charged) at an accurate charging borns compatible with the connector of your vehicle.

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Route management

The manager could assign routes and select a solution from his mobile device or from desktop. A real time notification is then sent automatically to the driver in order to be informed that a new route has been assigned to him. The driver could start his route as soon as possible.

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Ready, Go

Once the roads and the charging plan has been provided with all required details like charging stations, time slot charging, energy necessary to charge at each station, global cost (TCO) and CO2 emission, you are currently ready to start your trip.

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Smart Charging

EcoCharge is the first charging solution devoted for companies and professionals in collection, delivery and pick-up services who would like to integrate electric vehicules (EV) in there thermal fleets in order to reduce the globle cost TCO by 25%.
The EcoCharge software manages the entire charging chain optimization in a mixed fleet (Electric and Conventional Vehicules) such as: EV priorisation, time slot charging optimization, reducing charging cost and CO2 emission...
EcoCharge takes into account, in real time, the weather conditions and integrates them in its analyzes in order to offer you the best charging plan that you need during your travel.

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Follow up

Copdrive provides a tools to follow drivers and trips at real time in order to act quickly in case of need.
Drivers are able to contact customers to amend an appointment and provide a feedback for the system.

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