Express delivery, pressure on distribution costs, expansion of e-commerce, issue with final link in the chain... the new challenges of logistics puts the route optimisation at the very heart of the Supply Chain.

The EcoPlan range of solutions guarantees service quality, cost optimisation, timeliness and responsiveness.

Real-time search around

Points of Interests (POIs) are searched using an efficient engine providing full control on all POIs. It's possible to enrich business database of each POIs.

Lean Routing

Progressive route construction with iterative and continuous fleet cost reduction and agile ecosystem and carbon footprint management.
Data Loading
Between 10 and 30% higher productivity

More deliveries, less preparation, optimised vehicle loading

Smart Routing and EV Priorisation
An excellent service quality

Flexibility, lighter callout slots, commitments kept

Smart charging plan
Better working conditions

Balanced work load, less stress, lower staff turn-over

Smart charging plan
An environmentally responsible approach

Reduced mileage, lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

The solution for route optimisation of delivery and collection

Last mile delivery, home delivery, passenger transport, emergency callouts...
EcoPlan fits all the issues and defines realistic, profitable route planning while meeting all of your constraints: customers availability, working hours of the mobile forces, driving time rules, overnight stay, capacity and vehicle loading times, operating costs, smart charging, charging borns...
Desktop Solution

Complete office solution: customised training, advanced configuration of business constraints,...

Web Solution

Ready-to-use SaaS solution: ultra-intuitive use, built-in help function, no installation and no update, secured data in the cloud, API

On-premise solution

Optimisation web service: integration of advanced functionalities for route optimisation within business applications

Advantages of the EcoPlan range:

Connection to geolocation tools navigation systems and electronic agendas

Geographical analysis

Optimised assignment of resources, definition of delivery area, siting simulation


API and web services for optimisation, connection to Supply Chain management solutions